We have been working in Norway for 10 years, with selling and making Suits. We have built up an expertise that few others in Norway have about Suits, Tailored Suit and Production of collection Suits. You can now take advantage of this knowledge. We come to you and give you what you want from suit.


We have been to the world's largest clothing fair Canton Fair in Guangzhou - China. This is where the largest and best clothing manufacturers in China exhibit. It's a time-consuming process the manufacturers have to go through to pass the needle eye to be approved. We were fortunate to be with the manager of the dinner selection. It was a great experience.

Our manufacturer is exhibiting in Guangzhou, so we work with one of the best in the world. We are our own agent so we have the opportunity few others have, to produce in smaller quantities, and at the same time get world-class quality. The result is high end quality at popular prices.

This is what enables us to be among the best in price and quality. At the same time you get exactly the product, fit, color and fabric quality that you or your customers need.



"We provide exquisite service and top quality clothing." That's why we became this year's shop. See Adressa.no

We make handmade clothing, tailor-made dress for the office and your own design for your dress collection.



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