You can help create your own collection of suits. It is the best solution for purchasing a suit.

As an whole sale customer, there are 2 choices.


1) Now you can design the dream dress for your customers. With Tailored Suit that your customers want.

The method we have developed means that you do not need more knowledge than you already have today, but it makes your operation very flexible and can offer suits and fit that no one else can.

I can help your business so you can always find what your customers are looking for. Perfect fit every time. Always the right color available. You save a lot of capital as you do not have too much goods in stock, and the best part is that your customers always get what they want.

We are alone in this process in Norway. The fit and every detail they determine. No more samples. The customer saves time and money. You minimize inventory and offer the suit that exceeds your customer's expectations.


2) You can design your own collection.



Your own collection is the only one that you can use, and with joint buying, with other shops, there are common designs and common colors. You can choose this in advance.

When you produce your own suits, you are in a position that makes you have a better quality of fabric and fit, at a lower price. This way you can sell suits that are better and cheaper than your competitors. You get greater profit and the right turnover. That's how you become one of tomorrow's shops.


We have the most fabrics you want. With us you get your dress collection just the way you want it. We come to your business so we create the best suit for your customers. We have 7 Fitings we use as a starting point.

We are an agent ourselves, so we have opportunities few people have to produce in smaller quantities than usual for this high quality. We buy wool from England, China and Italy for your suit collection. Your Suit, Your Choice.


As a wholesale customer, you have your own point of sale, and we can offer you market-leading products within Formal Wear, or our own custom tailor-made system. Totally unique. Design your own suit. With us you will see what you buy before you decide. The fit and every detail you decide.

We make handmade Suits, Tailored Suits for all occasions and your own design for your Suit Collection.

With us you get your Suit or Suit collection just the way you want it. We show you how to make the best suit for your customers.



"We provide exquisite service and top quality clothing." That's why we became this year's shop. See Adressa.no

We make Suit collections and tailored Suits for your shop.



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