Suit-China.com is the Whole Sale, website for the Norwegian brand, BRIZ of Norway. And for your future brand.


Tailored expertise meets technical craftsmanship.

BRIZ of Norway is the example that when two specialists come together, big things can be created.


Our specialty is to create garments that are adapted to each individual, with the very best quality in selected fabrics, canvas, shoulder pads and lining. This is what makes us the creator of the master suit.


 Now you also can make your own brand for Suit, Tuxedo, Shirt, Morning Suit, Tail, Vest, Shoes, Cufflinks and more. 


The background for why we have become the creator of the master suit is that, at all times, it has been necessary to; sell the berries that you got, as Norway's great son Petter Stordalen says. Mostly it is a good philosophy, but for my part, it became only focusing on developing the sales process. I wanted to focus on the clothes. The Suit. I wanted the customer to see for himself that the best alternative is when he sees himself in the mirror with us. With our suit.


You get the best fit and only the best of materials such as woolen fabrics, interior materials and interior fabrics. We specialize in the details no one else can offer. And then I mean no one else. I want you to get some of it too, so if you want to sell the berries, your customers really want, then get in touch!

You get the very best suits and shirts from China, but you do not need to take the long years of developing, testing and more developing. And to wait for your volumes to get big enough before you can do the changes you would like.



Bridal saloon


Do you want to sell more to each customer? Tired of tying a lot of capital into inventory?

What do you say if I can help you sell an outfit for the groom while the bride finds her dream dress?

The best part is that you can start for free. No investment, no risk. Only sales and increased profit.





We can get to your office so we make all the choices and adjustments there. You can also get tailor-made suit at a very favorable price with a corporate agreement.

We make tailor-made suits that no one else does. Contact us and we will explain more about our unique production method. 

As a manufacturer, we make what you want for your customers.




"We provide exquisite service and top-quality clothing." That's why we became the shop of the year.  See Adressa.no

We make suit collections and tailor-made suits for bridal salons.

You get a total supplier of all the man needs for the wedding.






Dark Grey Premium Suit

Ekstremly good fit

Give your customer the suit he deserves. Made in China

Light grey Premium Suit

The very best from China

The best quality, low MOQ. Tailormade of size production

Navy Blue Premium Suit

The best from China, low MOQ

Make your own brand. Now is you chance

King Blue Premium Suit

Ekstremly good fit. For everyone

Give your customer the suit he deserves. Made in China

Black Premium Suit

The very best Suit from China

Make your own brand. Tailormade of size production



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